Dear Sir, Madam,

Welcome on the website of fine-art gallery ‘De Vier Gemetenin Middelburg, Zeeland.

Next to former Middelburg general post-office, now the Common House of University College Roosevelt, retired River Scheldt pilot and art collector Joost J. Bakker MNI (Eindhoven, 1945), has set up his fine-art gallery in one of the many historical houses of the city of Middelburg.

It has been there since July 1996. In addition to his love of the sea, since the early 70s, he has given his heart as well to Zeeland, Flemish and Dutch painters who lived or regularly worked ( 'passanten', the passing or transit-artists ) on the former island of Walcheren, between 1900 and 1960.

The collection contains oil paintings, aquarelles, gouaches and graphic art of artists from the 'Domburg Group', Westkapelle, Zoutelande, the resident Veere artists who are called 'Veerish Joffers' & 'Veerists' and the 'Scheldt Luminists' of Vlissingen (Flushing).

In the gallery you may also find a small collection of ethnographic-art, mostly from the African continent, which compliments the colourful paintings.
The gallery is also interested in modern art. Exhibitions of contemporary Zeeland artists are organized on a yearly bases. Next to that, Gallery 'De Vier Gemeten' is the only Dutch fine-art gallery that sells art-work from the celebrated Dutch childernbook author, illustrator and fine-artist WIM HOFMAN (1941). The Dutch-American (Middelburg / Paris / New York) photorealist fine-artist LEENDERT van der POOL (1945) is also well represented by the gallery.  

You may find an importent part of the gallery collection, arranged in geographical order, under the button - Collectie / Collection -

Important or current exhibitions you will find under the button - Exposities / Exhibitions -

Opening hours:
Thursday till Saturday from Noon to 6:00 PM and by appointment.

Visiting address:
50 Lange Noordstraat
4331 CE Middelburg,
The Netherlands.
Tel/fax: +31 (0)118 623085
E-mail : galerie@viergmeten.nl

The gallery is located in the city centre, 200m behind the beautiful town hall of Middelburg.

I look forward welcoming you,
Joost Bakker.